John Stamos Mourns Dog, Elicits ALL the Tears

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John Stamos may be living in a Full(er) House these days on television.

But the actor's real life house just got a little more quiet and lonely.

John Stamos and His Dog

Stamos took to Instagram this afternoon and shared the sad news that his dog just passed away.

Her name was Linka; Stamos had often filled his social media feed with her photos; and he added one more in honor of her death.

"She was always there, especially in the dark times," wrote Stamos in the sweet tribute to his beloved pooch.

"Never judging. By my side. Only loyal."

That's the thing about dogs, isn't it?

They really are always, always there for you. They want to cuddle or play fetch or give you a thousand licks the second you come home, no questions asked.

John Stamos, Dog

Stamos and Linka enjoyed soaking up some sun poolside together for many years. 

We'd normally comment on the amazing view in a photo such as the one below.

But we're just focused now on these adorable doggy kisses!

John Stamos and Linka

Stamos has previously joked about the importance of maintaining Linka's privacy, writing:

"I have a dog that I love a lot but I don't talk about her publicly. She's very sensitive when it comes to press."

Stamos has adopted another dog, Freida. So at least he isn't totally alone here.

But anyone who has lost a beloved pet knows what this feel like. It really is akin to losing a family member.

John Stamos and Canine

Our heart goes out to John Stamos at this time.

We're not being facetious, either.

We'd keep writing more on the topic, but our eyes are welling with the tears at the thought of losing our dog.

So we'll just send Stamos our very best wishes and say we're sure Linka is now resting in peace.

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