Javi Marroquin Shares Staged Photo, Gushes Over Kids

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Javi Marroquin may or may not have cheated on Kailyn Lowry with her best friend.

And Javi Marroquin may or may not now be trolling for dates on Twitter.

Javi Marroquin in a Cap

But Javi Marroquin is definitely happy to see his kids.

The Teen Mom 2 star returned home from his deployment in the Air Force last month, walking in the door at one point and being greeted by his six-year old stepson, Isaac, and his two-year old biological son, Lincoln.

Marroquin shared a photo of the reunion on Instagram and included with it a very sweet caption that reads:

"My world in one picture."

Javi Marroquin Returns Home!

Of course, the scene would be a tad more sentimental if we couldn't so obviously see the MTV cameraman in the foreground, filming this supposedly spontaneous meeting.

The staged set-up doesn’t make Isaac, holding a “Welcome Home” sign, any less adorable.

Nor does it make Lincoln and his big smile any less precious.

But when you know you'll be able to watch Teen Mom 2 online next season and see this scenario play out, well... that takes away at least a little bit of the emotion.

It feels more like a scripted moment than a true moment of parental joy.

After several roller coaster months, Lowry and Marroquin finally confirmed their plans to divorce in May.

Since then, Marroquin has been accused of stepping out on Lowry in multiple occasions, prompting the couple's eventual split.

Lowry, meanwhile, has been suspected of having a same-sex relationship with a woman actually named Becky Hayter.

We're not sure what to believe, except that this is all very hard on the two most important people involved here: Issac and Lincoln.

Lowry shares custody of Isaac with her ex, Jo Rivera, who also appears on the hit MTV docuseries.

But Marroquin has grown very close to the toddler.

“[Isaac’s] my best friend,” Javi said during the June 20 reunion episode of Teen Mom 2, adding at the time that he wants “all of us to be together” and blaming Lowry’s stubbornness for their divorce.

Although Lowry still contends she plans to dissolve the couple’s nearly four-year marriage, the 24-year old did welcome her estranged husband back home via a sweet message via social media.

“Welcome back! @javim9," she wrote on Instagram yesterday.

Sadly, she wrote it as a caption to the same staged photo we've featured above.

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