Javi Marroquin Moves Out on Kailyn Lowry, Makes Split Official

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So much for any talk of reconciliation.

Javi and Kailyn Lowry

Just days after returning from deployment, Javi Marroquin has officially moved out of the home he shared with estranged wife Kailyn Lowry.

Not wasting any time, that's for sure.

Given that Lowry and Marroquin fought immediately upon his return (he'd been gone for eight months), perhaps we shouldn't be shocked.

The U.S. Air Force member posted Snapchats of a U-Haul truck moving belongings out of the house he and Kailyn bought together.

With sad face emojis. Naturally.

Javi M's UHaul
Javi's UHaul

Javi seemed pretty upset by this, though it was not clarified if he was sad about moving out on Kailyn or just because moving sucks.

Or a little of each, maybe. Unclear.

In any case, the 23-year-old semi-passive-aggressively tweeted after the U-Hauling was complete, "I love my friends man… Really."

"They keep me sane."

The implication being that the drama with Kailyn Lowry makes him insane? The way Kailyn throws shade at Javi, we wouldn't be surprised.

No Curtains
Family Dinner

The father of Lincoln, 2, and Isaac, 6, Lowry's son from her previous relationship with Jo Rivera, then gave fans a look inside his new pad.

"I don't have curtains, but the view is nice," he captioned the above photo from inside his home, showcasing a pretty nice summer sunset.

He also shared a pic of a "family dinner" with his son.

Whatever's going on between himself and Kailyn, Marroquin gushes over his children, and is staying in Delaware "to be near the kids."

Meanwhile, Lowry spent time with her son Isaac.

Kailyn and Son
Isaac Rivera Pic

How the six-year-old is holding up remains to be seen. Yes, his biological father is Rivera, but Marroquin has been a father figure for him.

Sources say Javi and Isaac will "always be in each other's lives," despite Lowry's custody agreement making their visits together "complicated."

Is anything about these two not?

Not based on everything we've observed.

While she seemed happy while with Isaac, based on the images of the little fella above, Lowry couldn't resist stirring the pot just a little.

Kailyn not-so-cryptically tweeted to her 1.1 million followers while Javi was moving, "When the sun goes down the snakes come out to play." 

Oooh, what could she mean?!

She wrote on her account two days ago, not looking for attention whatsoever, "If I don't push someone away, they leave on their own."

"I think I'm meant to be alone."

Someone break out the violins ... and record high ratings from fans who will no doubt watch Teen Mom 2 online to see this sad saga unfold.

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