Javi Marroquin: In Love with Nancy Gisell?!

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Javi Marroquin says there is NO shot his marriage to Kailyn Lowry can be saved ... but is it because he's in love with someone else?

Javi Marroquin & Nancy Gisell Photo

The Teen Mom 2 told Radar that there is zero chance of taking Kailyn back, and that he "has a lot of love" for the new woman in his life.

What does that mean, though? Romantically?

“I love to be in a relationship,” Javi said.

“I love to love one person. I love to do things with one person. There is no rush. If I meet that person, I meet them,” Marroquin mused.

Aaaaaand ... is that Nancy Gisell?

Javi Marroquin, Nancy Gisell Photo

The girl he was seen kissing on Snapchat "is not my girlfriend, but I have a lot of love for her ... that is one person I have a lot of love for."

"Our personalities click.”

Well, that's good; Marroquin explained how they are taking it slow right now: “I have a lot going on, taking care of that is most important."

"Before anything escalates and goes any further,” he tells Radar, he's focused on his family. “We’re at a standstill, we’re just friends.”

Ruling out a serious relationship isn’t out of the question, though as he reiterates that he "has love" for her and will “see what the future holds.”

Javi Marroquin in a Cap

“There is an attraction there,” he said of Gisell, who was deployed with him by the Air Force overseas for the better part of this year.

Friends now, more than friends down the line? Either way, Javi says, “I enjoy her company a lot. That’s one person I would do anything for.”

Clearly, they're close.

How tight? Gisell has even met Marroquin’s son with Lowry, 2-year-old Lincoln, on a family vacation to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

As for Lowry's take?

Kailyn Lowry Crying

Kailyn is pissed at Javi for many, many things ... and vice versa; Marroquin insists she isn’t heartbroken over this incident, however.

“Kail was like, ‘So you slipped up on your Snapchat?’ I said, ‘I shouldn’t have posted it,’” he said of the pic and all the viral attention it got.

“We were laughing about it."

He notes that "Kail has no right to say what I do and vice versa,” and will continue to call her out on that, but says this was a non-issue.

Kailyn and Javi Arguing

Gisell isn’t the only girl in his life making headlines lately; Christina “Peach” Pietrobon's relationship with Javi has also sparked rumors.

“She doesn’t like Peach,” he said of Kailyn and his longtime friend. “If Peach knows something, she’s going to bring it to my attention."

"She found something out, brought it to my attention, so obviously I confronted Kail and asked," he said, implying again that Lowry cheated.

"When you ask who the source was, naturally you’re not going to like that person,” Marroquin said, though he won't say how she cheated.

Or with whom.

Christina “Peach” Pietrobon

He will say, though, that he's not in the wrong, and people in her own inner circle (as well as his own) are the ones telling him this stuff.

“[My friends are] the only people I can believe,” he said. “They have no reason to lie to me. Her best friends are telling me this kind of stuff."

"Why would they lie?" Javi, who promises that what's done in the night will show in the light, so to speak. "They didn’t like what they saw."

"They didn’t like what she was doing.”

Ooooh. The plot thickens.

For now, Marroquin is a single man home from deployment and doing his thing ... i.e. flirting up a storm on social media and trashing his ex.

Livin' the dream.

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