Javi Marroquin: Fighting With Kailyn Lowry Just Days After Return?!

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For the past eight months, Javi Marroquin was deployed overseas, serving a tour of duty with the US Air Force in Qatar.

Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin and Son

During that time, Javi and Kailyn Lowry separated after nearly four years of marriage.

So needless to say, Javi's homecoming hasn't been the happiest.

He and Kailyn are now going about the business of legally ending their relationship, which means they're facing a bunch of tasks we're sure they'd both rather put off.

Already, Javi has moved out of Kailyn's house and the former couple has set to work ironing out an amicable custody arrangement.

But while sources say Lowry and Marroquin will likely have little trouble dividing up the time that their son, Lincoln, gets to spend with his parents, things get a bit more complicated when it comes to Isaac, Kailyn's son by Jo Rivera.

Even though Isaac isn't Javi's son by blood, the two of them have formed a close bond over the years, and Javi has described the boy as his "best friend."

Yesterday marked Javi's first full day back in the States, and according to Radar Online, he made certain to spend time with both Lincoln and Isaac.

He drove the boys too and from day camp, but while Lincoln got to spend the night with Javi and eat breakfast with him at IHOP, Isaac did not, a fact that's apparently causing friction between Marroquin and Lowry.

While Lowry was reportedly not angry with her ex, she was reportedly upset by the situation than ever and is now more eager than ever to work out a custody agreement with Javi what would include a stipulation about when he'll spend time with both boys.

"Since there's a custody agreement with Kail and Jo for Isaac, it depends on what days they decide to have Lincoln with Javi," a source close to the situation tells Radar.

"He'll definitely get to visit Javi, but it gets a little more complicated if it works for to be when Jo has Isaac.

"They are very close and Isaac looks at Javi like a father figure," the insider adds.

"They will always treat the boys the same as they do now."

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