Iskra Lawrence Photoshops Self, Sends Important Message

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Iskra Lawrence has once again proven that she isn't just strikingly beautiful.

She is strikingly honest as well.

Iskra Lawrence Instagram Picture

The model has made headlines over the past several months for being refreshingly candid, sending positive message about body image and self-confidence whenever she can.

You want to call her overweight, for example?

You want to somehow make fun of her size?

Go for it. Here is how she'll respond:

She'll post a photo of herself on Instagram, surrounded by chips and snacks, and then she'll write the following as a caption:

"I'm sorry I couldn't help myself...This is for anyone who has ever been called FAT."

Iskra Lawrence Picture

She'll include the hashtag "#everyBODYisbeautiful" and she'll add:

“I eat whatever I want in moderation. I will eat crisps but I’ll also make healthy home cooked meals and workout regularly.

"The message is who gives a F what anyone else thinks of you. YOU are the only one who decides yourself worth.”

So, what has Lawrence now done to continue her theme of positive reinforcement?

She's shared side-by-side images on Instagram of the same picture, with one noticeable difference:

One of the images has been edited, the other has been left alone.

“Shocking it only took me about 10minutes to photoshop myself to ‘perfection,’" the 25-year old wrote.

“I wanted to post the unretouched pic right next to the retouched one so you could see the impact of how a few edits all done on my phone can completely change the way someone looks.”

Iskra Lawrence Pics

In other words: of course Lawrence is beautiful.

Of course many celebrities out there are beautiful.

But no one is perfect and certain tools are almost always used to make these stars look like some kind of ideal specimen.

They are not. And you should not aspire to be one, either.

As of this typing, Lawrence's post has received over 138,000 Likes.

Back on May, meanwhile, Lawrence pulled a similar trick.

She shared a pair of pictures on Instagram, posing both times in the same outfit on the same day and placing the images side-by-side.

Iskra Lawrence Photos

"No thigh gap or thigh gap who cares. I’ll be the first one to tell you pics are all about good lightening and angles," she wrote as a caption in this instance.

She added:

"Always remember social medias not real life never let anyone else’s pics make you feel insecure about yourself."

The face of the #AerieREAL campaign, which aims to promote body positivity, Lawrence rose to Internet fame on April 1 when she put up a video of herself wearing lingerie and digging into a bag of potato chips in response to an online hater.

"I'm usually not rude or give anyone the finger but these online trolls smdh," she wrote at the time.

You tell 'em, Iskra Lawrence!

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