George Zimmerman: PUNCHED IN THE FACE For Bragging About Trayvon Martin Murder!

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If you woke this morning with the feeling that the world is a relentlessly unfair and often exceedingly cruel place, well, the bad news is you're right.

The good news is, sometimes George Zimmerman gets punched in the face!

George Zimmerman Boxing

Zimmerman, as you probably recall, is the man who was acquitted of the murder of Trayvon Martin, despite the fact that he admitted to taking the teenager's life as he walked home to his father's house after stopping by a convenience store to buy Skittles and iced tea.

Pretty much everything he's done in the three years since has served as further confirmation that Zimmerman might be the worst person on the planet.

In addition to being involved in numerous violent incidents, several of which involved gunplay and assaults against women, Zimmerman has seized every opportunity to try and remain relevant by exploiting the killing of a 17-year-old boy.

Zimmerman was tweeted photos of Martin's body.

He recently auctioned off the gun he used to kill Martin for a disgustingly large sum.

He's made disgusting, bigoted comments about the Obama family and felt the need to offer his idiotic insights on just about every mass shooting in recent history.

In fairness, we guess we can understand his reasoning on that last part.

After all, who understands violent psychopaths better than George Zimmerman?

The problem is, you're also a dumbass, George, a fact that a recent incident in a Florida bar made an abundantly clear.

Even by the standards of a Florida bar, hearing someone brag about killing a teenage boy is pretty crazy, so when one patron heard Zimmerman boasting about murdering Martin, he did what any sane person with a soul and conscience would do:

He laid that dipsh-t out with a single punch.

This being the world we live in, said hero patron was promptly chased from the scene and called a "n--ger lover" by one of Zimmerman's friends.

Hilariously, Zimmerman told the cops that the whole thing was simply a case of mistaken identity, and the barroom pugilist actually thought he was punching Matthew Apperson, a man who tried  to shoot Zimmerman last year.

Whatever you need to tell yourself, George.

You are nothing if not a master of self-delusion.

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