Female TV Hosts In Egypt Suspended, Told To Lose Weight

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If you happen to be on TV and your bosses think you're overweight, then you will be asked to leave until you're able to subtract twenty pounds from what you currently way.

Khadija Khattab Pic

This is what female reporters are being told at a state-run television station in Egypt.

According to the BBC, The Egyptian Radio and Television Union (ERTU) suspended eight female hosts, telling then that they just one month to lose enough weight to achieve an "appropriate appearance."

Once that goal has been achieved, then they could return to work.

The command came not from a man, but from a woman, ERTU director Safaa Hegazy, who herself used to be a state TV anchor.

The Women's Center for Guidance and Legal Awareness, a women's rights group in Egypt have called the decision a violation of the constitution, and deemed it a form of violence against women.  The group asked the station to reconsider the suspension, but it still stands.

Fortunately, the eight women will be paid and still received benefits during their month-long suspension.  

One of the women, Khadija Khattab spoke to a local newspaper and suggested that her audience should be the judges.

Is she really "fat?" Khattab asked.  Does she deserve to be "prevented from working?"

This is not the only body-shaming story to come out of Egypt today.  Gold's Gym severed ties with a franchise for offensive ads that shame women into working out.

"This is no shape for a girl" it reads, showing a pear that is supposed to represent a woman's body.

Gold's Gym Pear Shape Ad

Abigail Breslin brought the ads to Gold's Gym's attention, and the company promplty took action.

"Words cannot express how shocked and appalled we were by the recent posts of Gold’s Gym Dreamland, a sub-franchise in Cairo, Egypt," Gold's Gym stated.

"Not only were they offensive and disgusting, they go against everything we believe in and stand for. This incident only confirms that Gold’s Gym Dreamland does not uphold the values and inclusiveness that Gold’s Gym promotes throughout our global network."