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We’ll allow Farrah Abraham to brag about her daughter, Sophia.  We’ll also overlook her failed attempts at starting a Snapchat account for the 7-year-old, because it’s not Sophia’s fault that her mom is…different.

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What’s great is that Farrah is exposing Sophia to opportunities like modeling, but in small doses so that she can still enjoy her childhood.

"The first thing she did was in New York Fashion Week," Abraham told Us Weekly.

"There are just a bunch of children’s designers that come together who we know, and so she hosted that.  And also Orlando has a huge children’s model magazine, so Sophia is featured in that quite often. And then she opened and closed the show for that." 

"I don’t really feel like I need to go grab an agent because somehow we have it set up like, ‘Oh, we know these people — it is cordial.’ I don’t want her being around weirdos and under pressure.

"I have gone through a bunch of stuff, and I just believe in taking it slow," she added.  "There is really no rush.

"And if we find the right people, that is great. If Sophia has awesome opportunities that come to her, which we do, it is really just about picking and choosing what we want and what we want to make time for."

Farrah is in no rush to make modeling Sophia’s full-time career.  She has a business to run, after all.

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Clothing boutique Sophia Laurent will open its doors on September 10th in Austin, Texas.

"I am so proud of her that she is like, ‘Bypass the lemonade stand — let’s just do a store.’ She is so amazing and so ready for this," Farrah said.

Sophia started cheerleading recently, something that makes Farrah beam with pride.

"A bigger deal to me even than a store and all this other stuff, is that Sophia had her first cheer practice the other day," Farrah gushed.

"I am so excited for her to do cheerleading, so that is a big deal to me because I used to cheer."