Farrah Abraham: Daughter Sophia KICKED OFF Snapchat!

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Despite her mother's best efforts, Sophia Abraham is occasionally guided in the right direction.

Farrah & Sophia Abraham: New York Fashion Week

Of course, this usually only happens after a third party intervenes or there's such a massive public outcry that Farrah has no choice but to do the right thing.

This time it was a combination of the two as Teen Mom fans and the admins at Snapchat simultaneously rose up and shouted, "Wtf are you doing?" at Farrah.

You see, Farrah recently made the controversial decision to sign her daughter up for a Snapchat account.

That would be fine, of course, were it not for the fact that little Sophia is only 7 years old.

Given that the social media app originally took off in large part due to the fact that it allowed users to safely send nude photos, you can see why 7-year-olds having their own accounts might not be the best idea.

Sure enough, the decision blew up in Farrah's face almost immediately.

Shortly after news of her account became public, Sophia posted a video in which she reportedly said:

“Give me text, I’m coming for you ... Give me more texts.”

Yes, you're right to feel uncomfortable right now.

Apparently the plea worked, because Sophia later posted a video in which she said:

“Excuse me, you guys are texting me so much could you please stop. Everyone stop texting me. I have to go to bed."

Thankfully, Farrah either came to her senses or the fine folks at Snapchat did the parenting for her, because Sophia's account is no longer active.

Sadly, this is far from the first time that Farrah has encouraged wildly inappropriate behavior from her daughter.

The most famous example, of course, being Sophia's modeling career, but there are countless other cases.

Remember the time Farrah involved Sophia in her feud with Nicki Minaj?

If you managed to block that out, congratulations.

It'll probably take Sophia years of therapy to accomplish that.

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