Counting On Season 3 Episode 2 Recap: Jinger Duggar is Courting!!!

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On Jill & Jessa Counting On Season 3 Episode 2, Jeremy Vuolo enjoyed his first meal with the Duggars and Jinger revealed her courtship rules.

Or lack thereof, as it turned out.

Jinger, quite clearly, is smitten.

"Jeremy Vuolo is my best friend from Laredo, Texas, and he recently asked me if I would enter into an official courtship with him," she said.

Jeremy, clearly, is smitten too.

"It's a big next step, and it's an exciting next step," Jeremy added, as they went to Jessa and Ben Seewald's house for ice cream and conversation.

With Jessa's father Jim Bob sort of awkwardly there too, Ben asked the new couple they had discussed any of their "courtship guidelines."

The response?

"I have a desire to save the physical for marriage," Jeremy said, noting that he "understood the temptations" in rushing into the sex.

Pastor Vuolo reiterated that the duo would "enjoy each other" in the physical way another "season," but not right now. Because #courting.

Joseph Duggar then broke down for viewers at home the list of Duggar courtship rules and other things banned by the famous family.

As we all know if we watch Counting On online, side hugs are okay, but frontal hugs are not. You just don't want to touch fronts. Yet.

Counting On Season 3 Episode 2 was a refresher course in Duggar courting awkwardness, which also forbids holding hands or kissing.

Is Jinger ready to rebel against this nonsense?

"You don't have to it all listed, like a set of rules," she told the cameras. "It's more the general idea and letting people around you know."

Jessa Duggar weighed in that there is obviously the natural, physical pull to be close, which is why you needed to "let people help you."

In other words, chaperone to stop full-frontal hugs.

Ben and Jessa offered to do just that, chaperoning Jinger and Jeremy, who later went to dinner at the Duggar compound and held his own.

Jana Duggar, the eldest daughter of the family, could see them getting married, but her twin, John David, was still "checking him out."

Joseph reiterated that the brothers are "not going to just hand over" their sister to anybody, and would be watching Vuolo like a hawk.

Such an intimidating bunch of virgins.

Jill and Derick Dillard, who witnessed the couple's first meeting on a mission trip, noticed them paying special attention to each other.

Having done the long distance thing, they certainly know how it goes and how challenging it can be, but Jinger seems up to the task.

Meanwhile, a bunch of the siblings decided to go on a trip to learn survival prowess; Jinger attended with a Vuolo jersey-wrapped pillow.

Yes, she made a pillowcase out of one of the former soccer pro's old jerseys. Kinda tells you all you need to know right there, right?

Naturally, love-struck Jinger spent most of the car ride to the survival camp on FaceTime with Jeremy and worrying about losing reception.

Ah, love in the 21st Century.

In non-Jinger-related updates, Jessa, Ben and baby Spurgeon hit the gym, where Ben talked about one of the latest big ideas he has.

With the aid of trainer Steve Conley, a family friend, he's thinking of establishing a football camp to help at-risk youth. Would be cool.

As for their workout, Seewald seemed to exert himself slightly more than Jessa or Spurgeon, but we'll give the latter duo a pass on that.

Meanwhile, Jill's parents gave her air conditioning units so she and Derick could keep their windows and doors closed, which was huge.

Not only for the obvious climate control and creature comforts involved, but because violent crime happens all the time in El Salvador.

Derick Dillard Braces Pic

"You have to strike a balance," Derick said of managing safety risks and isolating themselves from the people they were there to help.

Derick said sexual assault is prevalent in Central America, along with kidnapping and murder, and that as Americans, they are targets.


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