Brad Pitt: Caught with Jennifer Aniston!!!!!

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Jennifer Aniston made a passionate argument this month against the tabloid culture, slamming editors for constantly speculating about her womb.

And it appears as if editors were actually listening.

Brad Caught with Jen!

The latest In Touch Weekly does NOT allege that Aniston is pregnant.

Instead, it states very clearly that Aniston was "caught" with her ex-husband, Brad Pitt.

How scandalous!!!!!!

What made Angelina "explode," as the cover teases? What was it that she "saw" take place between Pitt and her very famous first wife?

Some kind of sexual rendezvous, right? Was Pitt pounding Aniston from behind? Was Aniston getting herself a mouthful of Pitt's private parts?

No and no.

In Touch hilariously goes on to clarify that Jolie merely overheard Pitt speaking to Aniston on the phone.

An unnamed insider tells the magazine that Jolie proceeded to confront the actor over this supposed incident. How did Pitt respond?

He “told Angelina that it had been two months since Jen’s mom, Nancy, died and he wanted to see how she was doing," the tabloid writes.

First, we doubt this actually happened.

Second, it's no secret that Pitt and Aniston are still friends.

So even if this incident did take place, we're pretty sure Jolie would understand that Aniston's mother dying would be an understandable reason for her husband to contact his ex.

But not according to this cover story!

Jolie "accused Brad of sneaking behind her back with Jen and yelled that he’d ruined all their new plans for the future," the article states, adding of Pitt and Jolie:

"They’ve run into another land mine, and it all has to do with Brad reconnecting with Jen again.”

We're pretty sure it's official at this point:

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston possibly getting back together has the longest shelf life of any celebrity gossip rumor in the history of this industry.

Much to the chagrin of the parties involved, we're sure.

“Their fragile marriage has blown up, and it’s all over Jen,” adds In Touch about Brangelina. “That phone call was a betrayal as far as Angelina’s concerned.”

Sounds like the sort of petty issue Angelina Jolie would totally end her marriage over, doesn't it?

Oh well. She had a good run with Pitt.

And this means we're halfway to Brad and Jen reconciling! Yes!

It's totally gonna happen, folks!

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