Amber Heard: I Have Proof Johnny Depp Hit Me!

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There's even more drama on the horizon for Amber Heard and Johnny Depp. 

After details were revealed about Johnny Depp's huge list of witnesses, we're now hearing that Amber's witness list for her potential domestic violence/divorce case is drastically shorter. 

Amber Heard: 2016 Costume Institute Gala

If you recall, both Depp and Heard have been embroiled in a bitter feud ever since Amber alleged that Johnny attacked her on May 21,2016. 

Since then, there's been conflicting reports about which one of them is telling the truth and it has resulted in a lot of past mistakes coming back to haunt them. 

Amber had her domestic assault charge pop back up, while a family trip to promote The Lone Ranger came back to bite Johnny. 

There really seems to be no end in sight for this warring former couple. 

New information has been revealed that suggests Johnny has abused Amber in the past. 

Amber Heard Facial Bruises

Amber allegedly has evidence of it and will use it in the event their bickering leads to a trial. 

Amber's exhibit lists a 2014 picture of her holding pills, but what significance do they have to the case?

There's word that her lawyer will try and link the pills to domestic violence. 

Amber's witness list includes her friend Raquel Pennington and Raquel's boyfriend, Joshua Drew. 

Those two were allegedly present in the apartment the night Heard claims Johnny attacked her. 

iO Tillett Wright would also be called to the stand. 

Tillet Wright allegedly heard the whole incident happen while on the phone to Heard. 

Amber's witness list does come as a shock. 

Johnny's includes police officers, concierges and even security. 

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