Amanda Stanton Slams Nick Viall: What a Phony!

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Nick Viall's feelings towards Amanda Stanton were not real... at least according to Amanda!

Amanda Stanton has opened up about her time on Bachelor in Paradise and how her date with Nick Viall really went. 

If you recall, Nick Viall and Amanda Stanton looked totally cute on their date, but Josh Murray appeared shortly after and Stanton's romance with Nick was over. 

Amanda Stanton On Bachelor In Paradise Season 3

Since then, Viall and Murray have been slamming one another in interviews and social media. It's sort of the way these reality feuds go, but it's drumming up a whole lot of publicity for their show. 

Murray and Stanton obviously had a strong connection. They're now very much engaged. 

Amanda has now taken to her blog to lift the lid on what really went on between her and Nick during filming and it sure paints Nick in a bad way. 

“Mine & Nick’s date didn’t go as well as it was portrayed on the show. It was a fine first date. We had good conversation. We kissed. But there weren’t those ‘sparks’ like I was hoping for."

"Like I said, I had a crush on him before the show and had high hopes for this date. I almost felt like he was holding back because he knew he was waiting for Jen to arrive and didn’t want to lead me on,” she explained.

Amanda Stanton and Nick Viall

Amanda makes a really great point. Why should she have stuck it out with Nick if he was only waiting for someone better to come along?

Did he expect Amanda to wait around until he had exhausted every other path to love? 

That's not how it works, so thumbs up to Amanda for calling him out. 

“One thing that stood out to me was that he would hold my hand or kiss me…but as soon as the cameras were off he would stop or let go of my hand."

"Now, if someone is really into you, they’re going to show affection to you whether there are cameras on them or not. I TRULY felt like he wasn’t that into me,” she continued.

That must have hurt real bad. It sure sounds like the dude was really just using her. Pairing up early on would no doubt have secured him some more longevity in the game. 

Nick Viall of Bachelor In Paradise Cast on 'Extra'

If it wasn't bad enough that he was holding out for Jen, he then revealed that he was also holding out for Leah. 

“He wanted to get to know Leah and I BOTH better and reminded me ONCE AGAIN that he was also ‘very excited for Jen to arrive.’ He told me he wanted to be on the same page as far as dating other people and made it CLEAR AS DAY that we were going to both explore our options.”

No wonder Stanton was ecstatic to accept a date with Josh!

“When Josh arrived the next morning, I didn’t hesitate to say yes to the date! I would NEVER intentionally hurt Nick or go on a date without talking to him first if we hadn’t had that talk the night before! Like I said before, Nick did nothing wrong! He really is an amazing guy and was nothing but honest with me! Can we just squash this?!”‘ 

Maybe Nick will think twice about trying to be a player in future. 

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