Alyssa Milano Celebrates Breastfeeding Week with Revealing Brelfies

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Alyssa Milano has once again shown her boobs on Instagram.

But you perverts out there should prepare to be disappointed.

Alyssa Milano Close-Up

Probably the most outspoken breastfeeding advocate in Hollywood, Milano jumped on social media a few days ago to celebrate World Breastfeeding Week.

She didn't do so by saying very much, however.

Instead, she simply used the hashtag "#WBW2016," along with numerous photos of her providing sustenance to her daughter. 

To wit:

Alyssa Milano, Boobs, Child

"#wbw2016 #normalizebreastfeeding," Milano wrote as a caption to the above image.

She then got a little more generous with other pictures.

"#WBW2016#breastfeeding #WBWGoals #SDGs," she wrote along with the following picture:

Alyssa Milano: I'm Breastfeeding!

And then there was "In honor of #wbw2016. #normalizebreastfeeding" as the caption to this snapshot:

Alyssa Milano is Breastfeeding

These aren't necessarily new photos.

Over the past couple years, Milano has shared many instances of herself breastfeeding little Elizabella, who is nearly two years old.

In March of 2015, Milano took flak for posting a breastfeeding photo of herself while she got makeup done prior to going on set.

Someone told the actress that this act ought to be done in "private," to which Milano shot back, while a guest on The Talk:

“Who are we, that now we get upset as human beings if we see a woman feeding her baby? It’s crazy to me. Crazy, crazy, crazy.”

Later on that year, Milano wondered why people were find with Kim Kardashian nude pics, yet somehow took issue with this natural act.

"[It's] crazy ... Everyone's fine with her nipples being out," Milano said in September, adding:

"I think people are more comfortable sexualizing breasts than relating them to what they were made for, which is feeding another human.”

It's hard to argue with this point.

Consider the following uncomfortable video of some dude in Target giving lip to some stranger because she was daring to feed her kid:

Fortunately, Milano is not alone in her battle to normalize breastfeeding.

As you can see below, she has a lot of very famous help:

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