Adrian Grenier on Courtney Robertson Penis Claim: She Ain't Wrong!

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Adrian Grenier of Entourage fame says former flame Courtney Robertson isn't wrong when she said his package is ... well, a package.

Adrian Grenier in Cannes
Black Widow

The actor, 40, dated Robertson, 33, before the model went on to appear on - and win - ABC's The Bachelor during Ben Flajnik's season.

Robertson turned Season 16 (airing in 2012) into her own personal juicy melodrama, seducing Flajnik and alienating everyone else.

She and Ben stayed engaged for a decent length of time, but ultimately called things off - with no love lost between them, as it turned out.

Courtney then went on to wrote I Didn't Come Here to Make Friends: Confessions of a Reality Show villain, and put the all in tell-all.

In addition to talking about reverse cowgirling Flajnik (seriously) in the Fantasy Suite, she dished on her past lovers, including Grenier.

The "‘sweet but non-committal" actor, she wrote, "had the biggest dick she's ever seen," and well, Adrian says at least she spoke facts.

In interview on Bravo's Watch What Happens Live, when host Andy Cohen reminded him of that memorable quote, he addressed it.

"I was just glad she got the size right," Adrian quipped.

"And she's seen a couple of them, huh."

Oooh, burn. She asked for it, though.

Ben and Courtney Us Cover
Courtney, Ben

While other celebrities may have been embarrassed by that kind of exposure, the fan favorite hunk says he tries to take it all in stride.

His rationale for that is pretty simple:

"You're always on the edge of your seat waiting for something bad to be revealed about you and then every once in a while, it's not so bad."

It's true. Could have been a lot worse.

Robertson also dated actor Jesse Metcalfe, who she called an “alcoholic” and nothing special in bed. Yup, just plain mediocre, she says:

"I wish I could say that we were the greatest lovers since Christian Grey and Ana Steele. But I can't lie. The sex was pretty average."

"Jesse needed a lot of reassurance." 

A makeout sesh between Joshua Jackson and Michelle Williams on Dawson's Creek was her sexual awakening, in case you were wondering.

"I put my hand down south and went to town," she says. "Emboldened by erotic discovery, I masturbated every night for the next - well forever."

Hilariously, Courtney reveals in cringe-worthy fashion, "I was paddling the pink canoe so much my hand was getting cramped."

She had slept with about 15 men at the time of her memoir's publication. Who knows how many (un)lucky souls have paddled that canoe since.

Or, on a semi-related Dawson's Creek note, how she feels about Katie Holmes and Joshua Jackson dating again after all these years. 

Break out the lube for that news.

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