Teen Mom 2 Stars to MTV: Show Us the Money (and Better Editing)!

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The girls of Teen Mom 2 might have been dumb enough not to use a condom at one point in their lives, but they know how much money they've made MTV.

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Now they're angling for a raise, and not a small one.

Ah, contract re-negotiations. Things can get out of hand in a hurry if both sides are not careful with their approach.

So, like any successful TV stars, Chelsea Houska, Kailyn Lowry, Jenelle Evans and Leah Messer are ready to fight for their worth.

The only problem is that contracts are already in place, and producers are finding all sorts of loopholes to avoid negotiations.

A source told Radar Online:

"MTV has locked all the girls down for Season 7 so they have been calling the latest filming 'extra' or 'bonus' footage so they don't have to negotiate a new contract."

Indeed, The Ashley's Reality Roundup reported this week that new episodes will technically be called Season 7B or Part 2 for this reason.

Regardless, tension is on the rise.

With any show, there will be spats here and there about playing favorites, what should air, etc. But in this case it's an especially big issue.

According to the insider:

"The girls think that Chelsea is the favorite."

"It seems like she gets the best edit and they think it is unfair."

Houska, one could argue on the flip side, gets the best edits because she is in a really great place in her life.

Chelsea and Cole DeBoer are engaged, and expecting their first child, and seemingly over the moon when it comes to each other (and Aubree).

In other words, she's not working through divorce number two or battling substance abuse, nor is she getting herself arrested.  

Meanwhile, halfway across the country ...

"Jenelle has been filming again," the source said. "MTV knows her life is so up and down that they want to make sure they get all the details." 

There should be no shortage of those.

Evans confirmed her third pregnancy (kinda/sorta) recently, so there will be plenty of useful footage featuring the Carolina Hurricane.

Her baby daddy, David Eason and mom, Babs, should factor into that as well, though Evans is constantly complaining about her "storyline."

Jenelle also took a shot at Chelsea over the weekend, in the eyes of many observers, so it looks like there's bad blood there.

Is she really in a place to complain, though?

Regardless of how she's edited, if Andy Cohen has taught us anything about reality TV, it's that the content speaks for itself.

Kailyn Lowry can attest to that. With her marriage crumbling before our eyes, she's provided ratings gold whether she likes it or not.

Ditto Leah Messer, though her parenting have been scrutinized more than any other Teen Mom cast member in history - even Jenelle.

Also filming again? All the dads, be they estranged from their children, fighting with their baby mamas or just plain irritating to watch.

"MTV has all of the dads filming, no matter how much the girls hate them," the source added of the men in the young women's lives.

On that note, Adam Lind is on the verge of being fired for his constant whining, tantrums and beefs with producers ... but he's filming!

Speaking of everyone's favorite derelict of society and child support delinquent Lind, remember that time he revealed Teen Mom 2 salaries?

Hopefully he'll give an update at some point.

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