Taylor Swift & Tom Hiddleston Get Wet, Continue Fake Relationship in Hilarious Photo

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The hilariously fake relationship of Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston continues to be shoved down our thirsty throats courtesy of Instagram.

Honestly, we can't even with this ridiculousness:

Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift on July Fourth

Yes, that is Tay wrapping her arms and legs around a shirtless Tom and descending giant inflatable waterslide at her recent July 4 soiree.

Rounding out the foursome? Squad members and models Cara Delevingne, who posted the above pics on her account, and Gigi Hadid.

It's not clear who handled the photography duties for Cara, but they did a terrific job of staging the shot of the pals screaming with delight.

With Tom Hiddleston himself at the front of the patriotic train, wearing nothing but a pair of swim trunks and a goofy ass smile. Natch.

"Pretty cool runnings," Delevingne wrote.

In another photograph, Cara, 23, Hadid, 21, and Swift, 26, are shown at the bottom of the slide, all wearing red, white and blue swimsuits:

Taylor and Friends on July the 4th

This is getting truly absurd at this point.

Swift herself shared a bunch of pictures from her amazing Independence Day bash earlier, and that in itself is more of less expected.

It's the way she's seemingly trolling fans and celebrity gossip sites since she and Tom got together that has us scratching our heads.

Playing it coy, or playing it like she's playing it coy, Swift notably left any pictures of British thespian Hiddleston, 35, out of her pictures.

Not coincidentally, her best friend Britany LaManna did the honors of posting a nauseating Taylor and Tom PDA photo on her account.

LaManna and her husband, Ben, along with Hiddleswift, flanked Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds in the shot. It was almost too perfect.

Okay, lose the almost part. It was too perfect.

Taylor Swift Tom Hiddleston Ryan Reynolds Blake Lively Fourth of July Pic

Getting together out of nowhere, Taylor and Tom have been inseparable since they were first caught kissing in Rhode Island on June 14. 

This was right after she split with Calvin Harris.

Call us crazy, but it seems off to us that Tay is trying SO hard to prove something with all of these "candid" photos of herself and Tom.

Walking hand-in-hand on the beach in Watch Hill (not exactly a place anyone goes to be seen) ... then enjoying a vacation in Rome.

Then spending time with his parents, then reconnecting at her July 4 bash, with Hiddleston rocking a custom "I Heart T.S" tank top.

And a temporary heart tattoo (with a "T" in the middle) on his shoulder. Seriously, all of that actually happened in a span of three weeks.

True, authentic love? Sure, it's possible. In theory.

Given the deluge of Instagram shots and the fact that the same paparazzo has "caught" them throughout their brief courtship, however?

We're officially calling shenanigans on this.

While we can't quite put our finger on exactly what's up with the "couple" yet, something about this charade doesn't add up. At all. 

Either she's rebounding HARD and lacks all self-awareness, is blatantly sticking it to Harris, or this is just a big performance art sham.

Whichever it is ... this is bogus man.

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