Taylor Swift: 4th of July Photos Spark Boob Job Rumors

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By now, you've likely seen the many, many Taylor Swift 4th of July photos that the singer posted on Instagram earlier this week.

Taylor and Friends on July the 4th

The endless array of carefully posed pics (we can't even begin to guess how many didn't make the cut) were a stirring testament to what makes this country great:

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of #SquadGoals.

While Taylor Swift clearly wanted us to realize that her chick clique remains unbroken in spite of all the attention she's been paying to the new man in her life (really feels like we wrote the exact same sentence last year) she also wanted to show her fans that her possibly fake relationship with Tom Hiddleston is still going strong.

Her message is on point, as always.

What she probably didn't want, however, is to spark yet another round of plastic surgery rumors with her images of summer fun.

But that's just what happened thanks to a very flattering bikini top that Taylor wore to accentuate the Swift twins:

Taylof Swift Squad Image

There's a lot to look at here, but let's focus on the topic at hand.

You'll notice Taylor - toward the middle, red top, usual "I'm overcome with joy to be in the presence of my friends who are famous, but way less famous than I am!" look on her face.

That much is pretty standard, if you follow Taylor.

Many obsessive observers have pointed out that Swift looks like a bit more ... top heavy than usual in these pics, though.

Hard to say from a distance ... or is it?

The truth (or at least, a more convincing rumor) may have come to us via Forever 21, which posted this pic of Tay frolicking on the beach...

Taylor Swift: Boobs in a Bikini

... and also offered an explanation for why the 26-year-old pop singer suddenly looks so much more boob-tastic than we're used to.

The company says the bikini - now sold out, of course - comes with detachable cups, which Taylor appears to have left in.

Friends say the singer has been outspoken about her fondness for her own boobs and would never do anything to change them.

Well, good for her, and there you have it.

Taylor's breasts are almost certainly real.

Taylor's butt, on the other hand...

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