Miley Cyrus: Having Second Thoughts About Liam Hemsworth?

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Oh crap.

The world's luckiest SOB, Miley Cyrus is reportedly set to marry the world's second most attractive man (his older brother wins first prize), and she might be getting cold feet.

Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus Vanity Fair Party Pic

A source tells Radar Online that the Tennessee native is “seriously having second thoughts” about the wedding, which is supposedly happening later this summer.

"The wedding is going as planned and will be happening soon,” the source said, “but Miley is getting really, really antsy.”

Cyrus and her betrothed are not getting along, it seems.

"She and Liam are not seeing eye-to-eye on things right now and she is starting to realize that she could be living a lie for the rest of her life!”

STFU, Cyrus.

The couple broke off their engagement in 2013 because Hemsworth felt Cyrus had a lot of growing up to do.

"Miley has been doing everything that she can to change her image to fit into what Liam wants her to be,” a source told the site back in December when the two reunited.

“Unfortunately, no one thinks this is going to last, because you can never change who you are to fit what a man wants you to be!”

Wise words, source.  

The problem is, Hemsworth “seems to want Miley to be this squeaky clean housewife and she just is not."

Nope.  That she is not.

Cyrus, 23 is also “not ready to settle down and have kids," which is the opposite of what Hemsworth may want.


“There is no doubt that she is madly in love with him. But this marriage has disaster written all over it!”

This past week, the tabloids thought they had it on good authority that Cyrus was pregnant (this was all, of course, based on a photo they saw that featured the singer holding a bag in front of her dress).

Unwed, pregnant and freaking out over her wedding.  That sounds about right.

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