Mama June Shannon Appears on Botched to Have Excess Skin Removed! WATCH!

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Yesterday, we reported that Mama June Shannon lost a lot of weight over the past few months.

Mama June Shannon Weight Loss Photo

The controversial reality star posted the above pic on Twitter to show fans how well her months of training and dieting have paid off.

Shannon hasn't gone into specifics about how she lost the weight, but her secret might be revealed soon.

She reportedly filmed much of her progress in hopes of scoring a reality show about her weight loss journey.

It's possible that she knows that's a long-shot, because while her agents her attempt to work out a deal, Shannon is paying the bills by making guest appearances on already-established series.

First, Shannon appeared on Marriage Boot Camp with her baby daddy Sugar Bear.

Now, she'll be starring in a very different kind of reality show thanks to a problem created by her rapid weight loss.

Yes, Mama June will be featured on this week's episode of Botched.

It seems the 36-year-old mother was left with an "excess" of loose skin after shedding all those pounds.

The show has a long history of recruiting reality stars looking to have work done.

Last year, Farrah Abraham appeared on Botched to have a mangled lip augmentation fixed.

Some say, Farrah got "botched" as a publicity stunt, and that it was always her plan to appear on the show.

Is June Shannon also going under the knife primarily to revive her career?

We may never know, but after the year she's had, we wouldn't put anything past her.

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