Leah Messer: SLAMMED By Fans For Latest Video of Daughter Addie

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If you watch Teen Mom 2 online, you know that questionable parenting decisions are kinda Leah Messer's thing.

Leah Messer Smiling!

Whether she's passing out while holding a child or rushing her daughters off to school without breakfast, raising kids often feels like a job.

A job that the West Virginia native is not particularly well-suited for, but she's kinda stuck with it now, ya know? Anyway ...

Leah has been very vocal in her own defense about the fact that she believes she's simply a victim of bad editing by MTV producers.

But we're not buying it, for one simple reason.

Some of the most damning evidence about her incompetence as a parent comes straight from her own Instagram page.

Check out her latest WTF?! moment:

Yes, despite the fact that she gets criticized every single time she records video with while driving, Leah persists in doing so.

With her kids in the car, no less.

"She is soo happy! Will post some pics of her swimming soon! She is the definition of PERFECTION! #MyBaby," Leah wrote.

"FYI: My eyes stayed on the road the ENTIRE time, so try to be nice on the comments. Otherwise I will block you, k? thanks!"

Sigh. That's not how this works, Leah.

You don't get to post a video of yourself doing something stupid and dangerous and make yourself magically immune to backlash.

Much as it would be awesome if it worked that way, critics aren't wrong simply because you say "But don't worry, I was totes safe about it!" 

And it's not like she filmed herself exercising extreme caution while sticking a fork in an electrical outlet for fun, either.

When you do dumb things behind the wheel, you're not just endangering yourself, but also everyone around you

Including, but not limited to, the adorable little girl in the backseat. 

"Be safe, have fun with those babies,” one commenter wrote.

“I’ve lost real people in my real life because of distraction while driving on the phone. I promise you it’s worth the wait until you’re not driving."

Another urged the 24-year-old, with even more seriousness, “Please, if you love your children don’t text and drive/record and drive."

"It was a cute video but PULL OVER to record it. Your lives are precious, don’t put them at risk because you’re on your phone.”

Believe it or not, there was a time not that long ago when no one carried a tiny computer in their pocket. Crazy, we know.

And when human beings drove, they did so without sending messages to anyone or sharing videos with millions of people.

Ah, the good old days of yore. 

There were fewer distracted driving accidents, but that was partially due to the fact that you just don't go as fast when you're propelling the car with your own feet, a la Fred Flinstone.

Anyway, we're rambling in our old age.

The point is - stop shooting videos while you're driving, Leah! Otherwise, there will be more and more additions to this gallery:

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