Leah Messer: New Boyfriend Revealed on Instagram?

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We all know that Leah Messer's love life is as messy as, well, every other part of her life.

But to her credit, at least the girl keeps trying.

And trying, and trying, and trying...

Despite two failed marriages (and some accompanying ugly custody battles), Leah never shies away from romantic opportunities.

Unfortunately, she has yet to learn that if she doesn't want to talk about her relationships, she should probably keep them off of social media.

Just a few months ago Leah was rumored to be living with T.R. Dues

Shortly after that situation went awry, fans began to speculate that she's gunning for a reconciliation with Jeremy Calvert.

And it's not hard to see why they might have suspected that:

Now, however, Leah seems to be focused on a new dude.

But she can't make up her mind on whether or not she wants you to know about it:

Leah Messer: New Boyfriend Photo?

The Teen Mom 2 star posted and quickly deleted the above photo of herself and an unidentified mystery man.

Naturally, the fact that the pic was only up for a matter of minutes (and Leah offered no explanation as to the guy's identity) led to speculation that she has a new boyfriend.

Leah hasn't expressly denied the rumors but you can expect a half-hearted disavowal at some point today.

Unfortunately, as we learned from her relationship with Dues, the girl is terrible as keeping things on the DL.

On the bright side, if people are talking about Leah's love life, at least it means they're not talking about her parenting mistakes.

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