Leah Messer Fights Back: I Am More Than Just A "Bikini Body!"

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It all started with a photo.

Leah Messer Bikini Pic Mirror

Leah Messer didn't think anything of sharing an Instagram of herself hanging poolside with family.  

Fans didn't like the look of Messer's slim figure, and some even speculated that she had a drug problem.

Messer was fed up with comments about her body, so she decided to take action.

"First and foremost, there is much more to women than our bodies," Messer said in a statement to Refinery29.

"Yet many women seem to continually judge others, not by their character, but by their bodies.

"There are many more important issues going on in the world today than whether or not I had enough to eat for breakfast. (Side note: I had plenty.)

"We should be focused on spreading love and kindness instead of mean-spirited bullying. Thankfully I am in a beautiful place in my life raising three wonderful, kind, loving and confident little girls.

"The last thing I would want for them is to feel that they, too, could be ridiculed for their bodies.  So let's stop with the shaming, start supporting one another, and focus on what really matters."

This is the first time Messer has issued a statement about criticism about her life (and there has been plenty).

After releasing that statement, it was obvious that Messer felt a weight lifted off her shoulders.

"Looking back I'm sooo proud of the woman god is creating me into!(: #Happy #Healthy #Me&MyGirls," she Instagramed yesterday.

Today, Messer took back control of her body by posting a bikini selfie.

"Lunchhh was delicious, and now it's time to get back in the pool w/ my baby! Of course we miss sissys!😒 😉 #Summertime #2016 Sooo many memories being made!☺️ #Happy #Healthy #LifeisBEAUTIFUL," she wrote."

Whoever is on Messer's team should get a raise, because that statement was a brilliant move.

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