Lamar Odom: Family, Friends Fear for NBA Star's Life

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For 14 seasons in the NBA, Lamar Odom held his own with some of the top talents to ever play the game.

Now, at just 36, his addictions to drugs and alcohol have reportedly left him sick as an old man, and his friends and family are said to be deeply concerned that Odom is not long for this world.

Lamar Odom with Coffee

"Everyone is really worried for his safety right now," a source close to the situation tells E! News.

"Lamar is not in a [good] place right now, we're really worried."

Of course, sadly, Odom has been in harm's way for quite some time.

So why are those closest to him more fearful than ever these days?

Well, for one, the former Laker seems to have ramped up his partying in recent weeks.

Earlier this month, Lamar was removed from a Delta Airlines flight after vomiting just before takeoff. 

Shortly thereafter, fans spotted Odom at a strip club, apparently unconcerned about the fact that he was recently deemed to drunk to be a passenger.

Compounding his friends' fears is the fact that Lamar no longer has Khloe Kardashian in his life.

"Thank God he had Khloe near his side in the fall," the source revealed. "If she wasn't there, God knows what could have happened to him.

"But now that Khloe is not in the picture anymore," the source continued, "there is no one there looking out for him with his best interests at heart."

Though they kept the relationship platonic, Khloe had been assisting Lamar with his recovery, until she kicked him out after finding his crack pipe.

To make matters worse, a recent intervention for Odom did not go as planned, as the ex-NBA star reportedly "left the location" the moment he realized what was happening.

Here's hoping Odom will eventually seek out the help he so clearly needs.

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