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The national obsession with Kim Kardashian’s vast ass shows no signs of relenting, and the selfie queen is happy to keep the conversation going.

Kim Kardashian White Backless Dress BET Awards 2012
Photo via Christopher Polk/Getty Images For BET

Earlier this week, photos surfaced of her famous derriere that suggested Kim was wearing butt pads.

The sheer skirt she wore made evident a conspicuous outline on her backside that many assumed was caused by enhancement padding.

But Kim, a staunch defender of her heiny’s authenticity, jumped on her app to dispel the rumors as untrue.

“Another day, another crazy rumor! Apparently, I was caught wearing butt pads,” she wrote.

“Here’s what really happened: A couple years ago, I wore a skirt in Miami that was totally sheer. I had no idea it was SO see-through on my butt.

"I definitely never want that to happen again, so now I always wear shapewear.”

We believe her. And we believe in the magic that is Spanx.

But she might want to invest in a girdle with fewer lines, because the point is to smooth out unwanted lumps, not create more.

“So, the fact is: I don’t wear butt pads!” Kim concluded.

“At this point, I think everyone has seen my butt naked and knows I don’t need them, LOL!”

Well, on that she has a point.

But in related news, Kim made a shocking announcement in May: she was actually trying actively to reduce the size of her caboose

Sir Mix-a-Lot is said to be holding a vigil in mourning.