Khloe Kardashian's Vagina Advice Could Actually Kill You

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There are certain things for which one should never, ever refer to the Kardashians.

Advice on nether regions would fall under those "certain things."

Khloe Kardashian Reaction

Khloe Kardashian thought she would dole out a few tips on keeping one's vagina moisturized, according to Fishwrapper.

Kardashian praised vitamin E's magical powers to "fight wrinkles, inflammation and redness" when applied to one's face.  Ok, fine.

When taken orally, vitamin E  "can balance cholesterol levels, ease PMS symptoms, and improve muscle strength."

I'm going to google that last part to verify, but again...fine.

Here were someone with a medical degree should have stepped in:

“No joke: Vitamin E may strengthen vaginal lining! Moisturize your labia and vagina with Vitamin E oil to combat dryness and soothe irritation."

 Before you head to the pharmacy and ask where they keep the good stuff, please know that according to doctors, this is a horrible idea.

My knowledge of how a vagina works does not go beyond the simple fact that it is "a self-cleaning oven," so I'll let the professionals explain why it's important to not take Kardashian's advice.

San Francisco-based gynecologist Dr. Jennifer Gunter told the Daily Beast that women shouldn't be putting anything like this near their hoo ha.

I would not recommend this nor is there any study that looks at this for healthy, premenopausal women,” Dr. Gunter explained. “If you are 32 and have a dry vagina, see your doctor and try a silicone-based lube.”

So what can vitamin E do?  Well, it can break down latex condoms, which could then lead to unintended pregnancy.

If you're allergic to vitamin E and don't test it on a patch of skin that is not your vagina first, you could experience a super painful and super uncomfortable reaction.

And, the Daily Beast points out, taking vitamin E in large does could "shorten your life span" (these studies are recent and new, but shouldn't be ignored).

Instead of doling out beauty advice that borders on medical, Kardashian should leave these types of posts to the professionals.

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