Kailyn Lowry FINALLY Addresses Becky Hayter Dating Rumors

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For weeks now, we've been hearing rumors that Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry and Becky Hayter are dating.

Kailyn Lowry and Becky Hayter

Neither party ever came forward to confirm the ongoing speculation, but neither Kailyn nor Becky specifically denied them.

Last month, Kailyn deleted a photo of her and Becky kissing, but she went on to tweet about her frustration with "gay" and "straight" labels.

Shortly thereafter, Becky seemed to hint at a relationship with Kailyn.

Becky Hayter Tweet to Kailyn Lowry

(Or at least that's how fans interpreted her recent social media posts. One can't imagine where they'd get that crazy notion.)

That was followed by her soon-to-be-ex-husband's Javi Marroquin's implication that he believes Lowry and Hayter are in a relationship.

While Javi didn't come out and say it, he wasn't too subtle with his hints either ... not that he ever is when taking digs at Kail.

So are they or aren't they together? Does it even matter? No, but with the speculation growing by the day, clarification would be nice.

Well, now she's setting the record straight ... in a manner of speaking.

“Becky and I are just friends. That’s it. We are not in a romantic relationship at all," Kailyn said in an exclusive statement to Real Mr. Housewife.

"In fact, Becky is talking to someone else she’s interested in."

"Again, Becky is just a friend of mine. There’s nothing more to it.”

Well, she certainly didn't mince words on that one.

Becky hasn't responded to Kailyn's remarks, but as usual, Teen Mom 2 obsessives are reading a lot (too much) into her latest tweets.

Hayter tweeted shortly after Lowry's comments went live:

"You know what... i feel like there are a bunch of people out there that maybe owe me an apology.. or a cookie.. or their number."

[NOTE: Hit us up on Facebook for the digits, Becky]

Will Kailyn's clarification achieve its ostensible goal and convince fans that Becky is actually crushing on someone else at the moment?

Will it silence the ... wait for it ... Hayters for good?

Yeah, this is Twitter in 2016, so we're gonna go ahead and go out on a limb and guess that the trolls are gonna keep right on trolling.

Just a theory. Call us crazy, right?

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