Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar: Already Separated?!

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For several weeks now, rumors that Counting On's Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are getting divorced have been circulating online.

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Life & Style was among the first to report that the parents of the 19 Kids and Counting clan had officially called it quits, but didn't say why.

Not definitively, anyway; L&S sources offered the tabloid a variety of explanations for the alleged breakdown of the rock-solid marriage.

The most memorable? Michelle had caught Jim Bob cheating.

That one seemed rather unlikely, if only because Jim Bob would have to be some sort of Arkansan James Bond to get away with an affair.

Seriously, pulling that off in tiny Tontitown? Good luck.

Sure, Josh Duggar got away with a lot worse, but he trolled for women online, and had his parents' help in concealing his earlier crimes.

Jim Bob allegedly acted alone in his affair.

Speaking of Josh, a much more feasible explanation for why the high-profile couple may be calling it quits has to do with him.

The ongoing controversy surrounding the Josh Duggar sex scandals seems to be more than Jim Bob and Michelle can bear.

As you may have heard, Michelle reportedly took the whole situation surrounding her first-born much harder than Jim Bob did.

In fact, some insiders have claimed that Josh is "dead" to Michelle and the matriarch has had little to no contact with her son.

Even in the weeks since he returned from rehab for his addictions to sex and pornography, he's supposedly persona non grata.

Therein lies the problem - and the conflict - between them as his other parent reportedly wants to welcome him back into the fold.

Jim Bob reportedly believes Michelle's being too hard on Josh (as if that's possible), and sources say the couple fought about this at length.

Non-stop, even, and for several months on end, about what to do.

“They rarely argue, but this one was a doozy," said an insider.

"[Jim Bob] argued about putting family first and how Michelle needed to move on and put things in the past," the source dished.

Michelle, in a rare act of relative defiance, "stood her ground" and told Jim Bob "she was putting family first by being cautious.”

From what we know about Duggar family gender roles, that's not a small thing - and it's left the couple of 30 years at a loss for words.

As a result, L&S is claiming that the couple is secretly separated (within the confines of the Duggar Compound, of course, if that's possible).

In the meantime, while they figure things out, they're doing all they can to hide the decision from their media ... and even from their kids.

Well, as we've learned in the past, Michelle and Jim Bob are quite adept at concealing the truth, so that part of the story we might buy.

The rest? That's less clear. You tell us:

Is it curtains for the Duggars!?

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