Jessa Duggar Visits Noah's Ark Replica, Gets Mocked By Fans

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On Thursday, Ark Encounter, a 500-foot replica of Noah's Ark, opened to the public in Williamstown, Kentucky.

Not surprisingly, Jessa Duggar and her husband Ben Seewald were among the first in line.

Ark Encounter Photo

Jessa posted the above pic to her Instagram page yesterday and the response from fans has been mixed, at best.

Ark Encounter and Answers in Genesis, the corporation responsible for the biblical behemoth, have generated some major controversies in recent weeks.

Prior to the Ark project, AIG president Ken Ham was best known for spearheading initiatives to have creationism taught in schools.

He also gained notoriety for condemning evolutionary science in a televised debate with scientist and educator Bill Nye.

Not surprisingly, his latest endeavor has inspired some heated pushback, for a variety of different reasons.

Chief among them? The $18 million in tax incentives enjoyed by Ham and the other parties responsible for Ark Encounter.

Beyond the financial issue, the company's many controversial practices (such as requiring all employees to sign "statements of faith" affirming that they're practicing Christians) have sparked public outcry.

Often the form of public displays of disapproval like this billboard:

Ark Encounter Protest

Of course, you don't have to watch Jill & Jessa Counting On online to know that controversy and the Duggars go hand-in-hand these days.

As such, it should come as no surprise that the combination of Jessa and Ark Encounters has attracted a boatload (sorry) of negative attention.

Comments on her photo of the contentious tourist attraction include:

"What did they feed the lions and alligators back in the day? Were bug species brought on? Just curious."

"I didn't see very many windows, I bet it smells pretty ripe in there after a while. What did they do with all that poo, so many questions..."

"Your time would be much better spent reading nonfiction books. Perhaps one on shipbuilding."

"Wow this money could've easily been used to help others."

As Jessa-related controversies go, this one is slightly bigger than the revelation that she and Ben Seewald broke Duggar courtship rules.

But it's not quite as big as the source material for Jessa's comments on the Orlando nightclub shooting a few weeks ago.

So we guess it's a medium-sized Duggar controversy.

We're sure they'll top it before the day is out.

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