Javi Marroquin Defends Kailyn Lowry Against Twitter Troll

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At this point, Javi Marroquin and Kailyn Lowry have been separated for several months, but the ugliest days of their excruciatingly slow split are still ahead of them. 

Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin and Son

Javi was overseas with the US Air Force when he and Lowry called it quits, which means neither party has been able to take the necessary steps to officially end their marriage.

Yes, that means Javi hasn't even moved out of Kailyn's house yet.

And of course, it means they still have what could be an ugly custody battle ahead of them. 

But while it remains to be seen if Lowry and Marroquin will be able to put things cordial for the sake of their kids, it looks as though they're off to a surprisingly good start.

On Twitter last night, a random troll began bashing Kailyn, and instead of joining in, Javi actually came to his ex's defense:

"Before I go to sleep just remember you can't turn a HO into a housewife @Javimarroquin9 good night buddy sleep well," read the tweet.

Within minutes, Javi responded:

"@freakingmonkey5 can you stop talking about my sons mother like that? Me and her are civil. Different paths that's all."

Wow, Javi just put @freakingmonkey5 in his place!

But seriously, he and Kailyn are both very young, and it's nice to see they're coping with the challenges of divorce better than most people decades older than they are.

Hopefully they can maintain their obvious mutual respect for one another during the difficult months to come.

It might not make for the most interesting season of Teen Mom 2, but we think all the girls have all delivered enough relationship drama for the time being.

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