Harrison Wagner: Jack Wagner Asks Twitter To Help Find His Troubled Son

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Sometimes social media can be used as a force for good.

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Melrose Place's Jack Wagner, 56, took to Twitter on July 10 in an attempt to locate his 21-year-old son, Harrison.

Harrison had been missing five days when Wagner sent out the tweet.

The actor wrote:

“I’m going to ask those who want to share their fears, addictions & struggles to do so w me via Twitter. We can face them 2gether, I’ll start."

“I fear for my youngest sons safety. Harrison has struggled w drugs & alcohol just as I did when I was younger."

"He’s relapsed & is MIA 5 days."

Wagner was inundated with tweets of support, and stories from fans who themselves were struggling with addiction.

Whether or not the tweet caught Harrison's attention, Wagner updated those concerned that he had be able to connect with his son.

"Harrisons been in touch, he's 21 & in charge of his life, ty for the lv & prayers, please continue to share your struggles, it helps us all," Wagner wrote earlier today.

Wagner didn't stop there.  

He continued to listen and respond to others' stories, thanking them for sharing.

Harrison is Wagner's son with General Hospital's Kristina Wagner (they are divorced, but remain "great friends"). The couple have another son, Peter, 25.

Earlier this year, Kristina was featured on Oprah's Where Are They Now?

“I realized that I really needed to figure out what was going on with me in order to move forward,” Kristina said of their divorce (filed first in 2001, then 2005 after an attempt at reconciliation).

“It’s easy to lose yourself when you’re only in your young 20s and you’re just doing what’s expected of you and not really thinking about your own needs."

"The divorce was the best thing that could have happened to me and for my children, as well, because I don’t think I was being a very good mother at the time."

"I had to deal with myself, first, because we ultimately have to take care of ourselves before we can help others.” 

Here's hoping they can get Harrison the help he needs in the near future.

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