Farrah Abraham: Dr. Drew Wants to Strangle and F--k Me!

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Hokay, Farrah.

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We get it, okay?

Farrah Abraham is a broken bird, and her the alleged abuse she suffered during childhood has prevented her from taking much as a joke.

So, it was only a matter of time before she responded to Dr. Drew Pinsky's comment about wanting to "choke" the Teen Mom OG star.

Why? Because she's so damn frustrating. Dr. Drew went on Allegedly and was asked which Teen Mom star he would strangle

"Farrah..." he responded.

"Sorry, Farrah."

The hosts started to have a go at Abraham, but Dr. Drew quickly came to her defense, explaining what he meant by that comment.

“No she’s not awful. She is frustrating… She suffers."

"Believe me," the Teen Mom therapist went on, "when people behave like that it is because they are suffering and I feel bad for her a lot."

"But, she can be very frustrating.”

How did Abraham herself react to all this?

About how you'd expect. She only chose to read his first response, clearly, because she then issued a statement to Radar Online.

"I know [sic] longer will credit Dr. Drew as a professional ethical Doctor,” Abraham wrote.

“As well I will no longer have him around me for my health and safety due to his violent ‘strangle’ actioning [sic].”

Farrah Abraham: Okkkkk!

Someone give this girl a hug. She continued:

“It’s disgusting when a Doctor who you think can empathize and understand you for many years says they want to strangle you & then call me beautiful & a women but then again acts like all I do is Porn."

Wait, what?

And then, this for good measure:

“Ok Dr. Drew it sounds like you want to strangle me & f**k me, gross!”

Nope.  Nope. That is not at all what his response sounded like.

Then again, the 25-year-old's relationship with the truth has always been ... interesting, to put it as politely as we can here.

It takes a rare kind of person to effectively pitch the Farrah Abraham sex tape to a porn company, then lie about doing porn.

Because she likes to take things one step further, Abraham threw in this bomb:

Hope your marriage is doing ok!” 

Dr. Drew's wife, Susan responded in a very positive way (even though you know she was pissed that this litle sh** bag was trying to do some damage to her marriage).

"Let’s talk about it @drdrew with @F1abraham on @ThisLifePodcast and clear this #shiza up! Thanks @TheoVon !!."

SMH Farrah. S.M.H.

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