Farrah Abraham: Did She & Her "Golden Cooch" Finally Find Love?

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You'd think that putting Patti Stanger and Farrah Abraham in the same room would be a bad idea.

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On the contrary. It was actually brilliant.

"Farrah is a very special case," Stanger said on the most recent episode of WE tv's inaccurately named Million Dollar Matchmaker.

(Seriously, very few of her "couples" actually stay together and some of them aren't even millionaires. What a sham! Moving on.)

And it's not, Stanger pointed out, just because she has a "golden cooch."

Abraham and her body parts are looking for love, but Stanger wants to know why the Teen Mom OG star chose to go into the sex industry.

Stanger asked the Teen Mom: OG firebrand:

"How does a man see you, if he sees all that?" 

"What guy's gonna take you seriously? You're doing a webcam series. Why are we selling vaginas online, and why are we doing webcams?"

It's a valid question, and Abraham broke down.

Fortunately, the two women moved past their differences because this was about finding love, not fighting over golden cooches.

On one of her dates, the 25-year-old single mom told one gentleman suitor, Aaron, what she did. Kind of.

"I do different things, whether it's adult novelty toys, or a children's boutique, or a restaurant," Abraham explained.

Translation: I made a mold out of my hoo ha once. 

Anyway, that's neither here nor there, and the fella who Abraham did end up liking was a Southern gentleman named Ryan.

"The feeling must have been mutual because Ryan told Stanger he thought Farrah was "beautiful, obviously, and it's beyond external."

What's more promising about this match is that Abraham posted an Instagram from the episode with her, Stanger and Ryan.

"Yay! Love is real! #MATCH 🍾🎉💰 #Milliondollarmatchmaker"

"Thank you to @pattistanger @wetv Fantastic Farrah."

I'm actually impressed that Abraham didn't get defensive with Stanger, which is her classic move when in the presence of others.  

Or just in general. Kind of her M.O. as a human.

I think Abraham sensed that Stanger would square her like a bug, so she decided to play nice and allow Stanger to find her true love.


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