Famously Single Recap: Trouble In Paradise?

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Did Aubrey go way too far on the latest episode of Famously Single?

The singer let her insecurities get in the way of her relationship with Pauly D and there's a good chance that Pauly now thinks differently of her. 

Famously Single

It all started with the group being split up and going on blind dates. Aubrey was jealous and begged Somaya to ruin Pauly's date. 

Somaya agreed, but Pauly seemed unfazed by her actions during the date. Somaya kept throwing in comments about how boring his woman was. 

Pauly got a phone number and Aubrey was not impressed. She got even more annoyed when Pauly called his date a "bootleg" version of her. 

Aubrey kept checking if he deleted the number, but should he really do it?

At Aubrey's own date, she ruffled some feathers when she declared that the man shouldn't be dating celebrities because of one of his tattoos and also criticizes his drink. 

She's not the nicest of people, but I'm willing to put her actions down to Pauly on a date.

Elsewhere, Calum had a lot of explaining to do after the way he treated Brandi last week and got her a huge bouquet of flowers. 

She accepted his apology a little too quickly, but it's obvious she does like him. 

He asked her out on a date and she looked so happy. She made it clear that this would be good for her because Calum will be back in England at the end of it. 

She probably didn't bank on Calum declaring that he would stay for her. That's cute and all, but it's not what Brandi wanted. 

At the blind dates, Brandi was paired with Josh, but she did not like his lofty demands. 

She was quick to declare that he's "too picky."

He didn't like this, but when Brandi started telling him what to say at dates, he agreed that he had a great time. 

It's crazy just how much things can change when someone else is manipulating the drama for you. Right?

By the end, things were rocky in the house with Aubrey and Pauly arguing, but what will Dr. Sterling have to say about the arguing?

What did you think of the episode?

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Famously Single continues Tuesdays on E!

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