Ed Sheeran: Secretly MARRIED?!

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Anyone who's heard Ed Sheeran's music knows that the guy wears his heart on his sleeve.

When it comes to his actual love life, however, it seems like the British balladeer may be keeping some big news on the down-low.

Ed Sheeran at Billboard Music Awards

It's being widely reported that Ed may have recently married his girlfriend, the hilariously made-up-sounding Cherry Seaborn, in an extremely low-key ceremony.

The speculation seems to be based on just three clues.

First, we have this photo, posted earlier this week in which Ed seems to be rocking a ring on his commitment finger.

Ed Sheeran: Married?!

Then there's this pic, posted by Taylor Swift to celebrate her friend Abigail Anderson's engagement.

Taylor Swift: Abigail Anderson Engagement Photo

'Love actually is all around.' Congratulations guys," Taylor captioned the photo in an apparent reference to Love Actually, which is a movie someone probably forced you to sit through at some point.

Now if you look in the background, you can see that Ed and Cherry are sharing a moment under a banner congratulating them on their first anniversary.

Who really forces a newly-engaged couple to share the spotlight simply because they accomplished the feat of not breaking up for a full orbit around the sun?

Well, if your answer is "the kind of people who belong to Taylor Swift's squad" then you're right, but it would be also be good way to host a wedding reception on the down-low. 

Then there's the news that Ed plans to take a short hiatus from music.

It was originally thought to be a result of his hectic touring schedule and his frustrations over a recent $20 million lawsuit.

But now, fans think he may be taking time to focus on married life.

It may be a while before we know for sure but the news will eventually come out via the traditional method:

Yes, we're talking about Taylor Swift song lyrics.

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