Christian Mom Compares Taylor Swift's Vagina to Ham Sandwich in Graphic Post

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You may not be a fan of Taylor Swift's, especially after her unabashed flaunting of her new, fake relationship with Tom Hiddleston over the past few weeks.

Taylor Swift at BMI Pop Awards

But after the way this Christian mom shamed the singer in graphic fashion on Twitter, we're Team Tay all the way.

A nasty lady named Jennifer Mayers irresponsibly and erroneously compared her daughter's vagina to Taylor's.

Using ham sandwiches as disgusting visual aids.

Ham Sandwich Taylor Swift Tweet

Yes. Pretty revolting.

And incorrect.

And just every kind of awful.

Basically, she's ignorantly trying to preach that if you're Christian, your ham sandwich will resemble that of a porn star's.

(Yes, you read that right. Ironically, porn stars typically have petite labia, kind of like that represented by the sandwich on the right.)

And because Taylor's had a few boyfriends in her 20s, Mayers thinks her ham has somehow come loose.

First of all, let's get the medical facts out of the way:

- Women and their vaginas are all built differently.

- The amount of sexual activity does not change their anatomical proportions. Some have a lot of ham and others less, and that's just nature.

Secondly, Taylor Swift commentary aside ... why in the name of anything that is holy is this sicko talking about her daughter's vag on Twitter?

Is that in the Bible? Is Jesus cool with this?

And lastly, bringing it back to the pop superstar:

- Of all the famous men Swift has been linked to over the years, no one besides her knows how serious most of those flings were.

- Regardless, Tay Tay can hump as many people as she wants and I'm fairly certain she'd still be a better person than this dingbat.

She stands up for women, attends fan weddings and makes her friends a priority, and even if much of it is done for publicity?

Well, then it's still far more respectable than slut-shaming others by publicly posting graphic examples of women's genitalia with sliced deli meat.

Am I wrong? Because after experiencing this, I suspect this woman has single-handedly ruined ham sandwiches forever.

Thank god I'm a vegetarian. 

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