Burt Jenner SLAMMED On Instagram for Alleged Bad Parenting

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Burt Jenner found himself in hot water on Instagram recently. 

The oldest son of Caitlyn Jenner posted a picture of his 3-week-old son on the social media platform. 

Burt Jenner Looking Annoyed

Usually posting a picture of your newborn baby would lead to a multitude of comments with people complimenting the baby. 

Not in this case. 

If you look at the Instagram picture, it appears that the baby isn't all that safe. 

Granted, the chances of him rolling off and falling were slim to none. 

He was placed in the middle of the cushion, but it seems like the type of post that would divide fans. 

You can never be too careful with your child and that appears to be why Jenner is being accused of bad parenting. 

Jenner was quick to reply to the people who complained that Bodhi could fall. 

"Yeah yeah, I know he could fall...now shut up and enjoy his snugglyness," he wrote alongside the image.

"Not like my eyes went off him anyway."

Burt Jenner Instagram

This seems like the type of thing someone would post to stay relevant on social media. 

Something so that people wouldn't for get them. 

Might Kris Jenner have extended an olive branch and gave the 37-year-old some tips?

It wouldn't be out of the question. 

Kris is great at manipulating situations so that more people will talk about her and her family.

This seems like something that would come from the Kardashian kamp. 

What do you think about all of this?

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