Bristol Palin Shares Pic of Toddler Son Shooting a Gun

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For the second time this month, Bristol Palin is under fire for sharing a photo of one of her kids...

... and a gun.

Bristol Palin Gun Pic

A couple weeks ago, Palin posted a picture to Instagram of her baby daughter, Sailor, posing alongside her father, Dakota Meyer, and some sort of antique weapon.

The photo raised many concerns for parents across the Internet.

But, in fairness, it was an ancient gun that was no longer able to be fired, as you can see below:

Dakota Meyer and Sailor Grace Gun Photo

The same, though, cannot be said of Bristol's latest Instagram image.

In the first picture posted above, Bristol is standing with seven-year old Tripp, keeping an eye on the toddler as he shoots an actual weapon.

Wearing safety glasses and ear protection, just as her child is, Bristol captioned the photo as follows:

"#trapper #safetyfirst #teachingthemyoung.”

As you might expect, the picture has divided those on social media.

Some are aghast at the sight of a firearm in the hands of a young child.

What's the point, they might ask? Why take any chance that this kid could get hurt? And why teach him about shooting a gun at such an early age?

Others, however, are standing up for the controversial daughter of Sarah Palin.

For example, @nattythorn78 wrote as a comment to the picture: “Good job! Teaching them to respect guns young is a great gift to children.”

And @adecoratingmom chimed in with the following:

“Great teaching your kids that guns need to be treated safely. Don’t let the wackos gun control haters deter you. Great job @bsmp2.”

We'd say that one can teach one's child about gun safety while still pushing for reasonable gun control measures. But whatever.

Where do you stand on Palin's latest scandal? Is it a scandal in your mind?

Should parents teach their kids how to handle weapons? Yes, but not at this young of an age? No, never?

There are many sides one can take in response to this photo.

Unlike Bristol's response to this year's Oscar race controversy, this isn't the dumbest thing she has ever dumb or said.


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