Brandi Glanville: Turned Away From The Nice Guy!!!

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Last night, Brandi Glanville put on her shortest dress and took herself out to LA hotspot The Nice Guy.

Brandi Glanville's Nifty Sunglasses

The only problem? She and friends were turned away at the door.

The Famously Single star stood outside the club watching others walk right in.

The paparazzi were swarming, and one asked Glanville why she wasn't let in.

"We don't have a reservation," she told the pap.

According to TMZ, Glanville ended the humiliation by hopping in an Uber and heading to famed Hollywood hotel Chateau Marmont.

"F--- y'all!" Glanville joked as she and her friends left. "In a good way, in a good way!"

Later, Glanville explained what happened via Twitter.

"Was invited to "nice guy"by our friend Craig but model doorman wouldn't let us in ❤️ soooooo fun!!!! @tmz #no underwear," Glanville wrote.

Brandi Glanville nice guy tweet two

Glanville's friend, Anj Kohli tweeted the club after the incident.

"@TheNiceGuyLA Is it our fault Seth is 4ft tall?! Power trip?! You work on the door, get over it. Manners cost nothing. #embarrassing #twat."

Craig, a producer according to his Twitter bio, tweeted to Glanville, clearly embarrassed that she was rejected at the door.

@anjkohli @TMZ @craigyt1 @TheNiceGuyLA #omg love you!!! We are at chateau Come for a drink," Glanville tweeted.

"See you there! Much better than that other shite hole," he wrote back.

brandi glanville nice guy tweet

TMZ was likely tagged in the tweets to embarrass the club for the incident, something Tara Reid probably wished she could have done back in 2005 after being rejected from Hyde.

Reid stood at the door while her former friend, Paris Hilton breezed by with Kim Kardashian.

It was so painful to watch.

Anyhoo, Glanville seemed to recover from the incident a bit better than Reid.

Last week, Glanville took a photo of herself in a thong with a message to a former boyfriend.

And it was amazing.

“Dear a--hole this is no longer yours,” she wrote.


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