Big Brother Recap: Who Got the First Care Package?

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Sometimes, a little advantage is all you need in the Big Brother house to change things up, but does it come with a price?

Natalie won the first care package and it shocked the other houseguests. 

You really can't blame them. She's not playing the game at all. She's won zero competitions and has previously made it clear that she's only in the house for a vacation. 

Natalie Negrotti

Why sign up for Big Brother if you're not going to play the game?

Moreover, why would someone want to willing float on through the game?

It's clear she has fans, but they're probably only fans because of her relationship with James. 

At the HOH competition, James seemed to be coaching her for the win and he didn't even seem quiet about it. Everyone else knew what he was doing. 

They're flaunting their showmance and it almost resulted in Natalie winning the HOH. I shudder to imagine what crazy decisions she would make with some power. 

Are they purposefully trying to stick out as targets? James seems to forget that he's played the game before. 

Paul managed to hit the perfect shot first and secured his first HOH win of the summer. This meant that his alliance members were all safe. 

He was also pretty vocal about his plan to take out Bridgette. The thing that's good about Paul is that once he has a plan, he wants to stick to it. 

It's just a shame that his alliance members didn't want to. Paulie seems to be getting the other houseguests to do his dirty work and that's something that other houseguests will pick up on soon enough.

Paul needed one of his own to sit pretty with Bridgette on the block, but trying to get someone was super awkward. 

The fairest way to do it would have been to put all the names in a hat and draw one out. 

Nicole was silly to even entertain the idea of going on the block. No one should willingly volunteer. At this rate, she'll be out of the game by next week. 

Paulie's decision to go on the block was a surprising one, but it showed his loyalty to Paul. 

Da'vonne is the target, but she seems to think that Nicole could be the one to go. 

Paul nominated Paulie and Bridgette for eviction.

The plan is for Paulie to win the veto and for Da'vonne to go up as the replacement nominee. 

Will it work out that way?

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