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Flo Matheson wants to be elected to the 6th District congressional seat in Tennessee.

She also wants to smoke a $hit ton of marijuana.

Flo Matheson
Photo via Facebook

So now the question raised by Matheson is this: Can she have it both ways?!?

On May 20, police officers in Crossville, Tennessee, raided the home of Matheson, a Democrat who is running in that state’s Congressional primary.

According to authorities, they became aware of an indoor pot-growing operation on Matheson’s property and therefore obtained a search warrant that covered her residence and a barn on her land.

The investigation turned up more than 180 marijuana plants and various kinds of equipment, says Steve Harrington, someone who lives on Matheson’s property and admitted to growing the drug.

Crossville cops confiscated guns, cash and the pot in their search.

Matheson and Harrington also say the police took a generator, weed eater, pressure washer, TVs, a computer, van and a four-wheeler off the property.

The New York Daily News reports that Harrington and Matheson have both been indicted for running a grow operation…

… but don’t think this means Matheson is dropping out of her race.

“I really don’t regret that this happened,” she told a local NBC affiliated, explaining:

“It’s been a life-changing experience for me in that it has made me more defiant and determined to try and get these laws changed."

Matheson – who owned up to the two ounces of marijuana found inside her home, but who says she was unaware of the giant operation out back – added:

“I smoke marijuana. I’m guilty. I did it… I guess I would say I smoke it about two or three times a week."

Tennessee’s congressional primaries are scheduled for August 4.

We know of at least a few celebrities who would vote for her if they could…