Sinead O'Connor Did NOT Threaten Suicide, Calls Report "Malicious Gossip"

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This is not the first time Sinead O'Connor has behaved erratically, but that doesn't make it any less frightening.

Sinead O'Connor Performs at the 2008 East Coast Blues & Roots Festival

On June 23rd, Chicago police received a call from Dublin, Ireland authorities that the singer's family had alerted them that O'Connor had threatened to kill herself.

According to TMZ, O'Connor told loved ones that she planned to jump off a Chicago-area bridge.

Though it's not an "active search," local police have been given the heads up to keep a lookout for the 49-year-old.

O'Connor refuted this report on her Facebook page on June 24th:

"Oh and by the way it's bullshit I jumped off a bridge, some stupid bitch up at Swords Garda station decided she'd like to throw a bit of false and malicious gossip about is all).


Sinead O'Connor Claims She's Too Happy To Be Suicidal

O'Connor sent another Facebook update a few hours later:

"Thought for the day Of The Baptist.. Sometimes the rage of a soul is equivalent to the size of that soul's knowledge of and desire to revel in it's glorious God given right to LIVE.

"Free as it was created in the beginning. When there was NOTHING BUT THE WORD."

It was believed that cops thought they found O'Connor based on the description they were given, but it was not her.

People Magazine reports that the call from Dublin came in around 5:30 p..m local time.

Chicago Police department "issued an all-call radio message" to officers to be on the lookout for the singer.

"Sinead O'Connor called and said 'I'm on a bridge in Chicago and I'm going to jump," Irish law enforcement reportedly warned.

Police, however, wouldn't confirm with the media if this call was for O'Connor.

Just last month, O'Connor was reported missing, and friends feared that she had taken her own life.

Last year, O'Connor wrote a suicide note on Facebook stating she'd overdosed, but was later found safe in Dublin.

In 2011, O'Connor fired off a series of suicidal tweets, prompting a visit from police.

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