Richard Simmons: Transgendered & Living as a Woman??

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Now there's a headline I didn't expect to write today.

The National Enquirer's new cover story announces that Richard Simmons is now a woman and bills the fitness guru as "the new Caitlyn Jenner."

Richard Simmons as a woman on National Enquirer

According to the tabloid, Simmons has undergone breast implant surgery, hormone therapy and taken additional steps toward the transition.

"[This is] not just Richard Simmons in drag. This is Richard dressed as a softly spoken woman named Fiona!" a source tells the publication.

This is hard to believe. Richard Simmons is "softly spoken??"

Last week, Simmons was hospitalized after his housekeeper and longtime friend noticed he was exhibiting "bizarre" behavior.

Paramedics rushed to the house and determined that he should be taken in for evaluation.

He was later released, but the cause or nature of his odd conduct is still unclear.

Some are now speculating that the hospital visit had something to do with the star's transition.

The normally gregarious exercise instructor had turned into a recluse over the past two years and rarely left his house, but the Enquirer story claims he has been venturing out, but dressed as a woman.

Earlier reports claimed he had fallen into a deep depression after a knee replacement, which prevented him from working out like he used to.

Fans loved ones had become concerned and even suspected his housekeeper, who has been with him for 30 years, was holding him hostage inside his mansion.

But Simmons insisted he was fine, just taking a much-needed break from the spotlight.

"This is how I want to live my life right now," he concludes. "And to all the people that are worried about me, please don’t be."

My question? How did they get this pic of Simmons reclining in a boudoir robe and stretch pants?

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