Lindsay Lohan & Egor Tarabasov: Getting Married Without a Prenup?!

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It's only been three months since we learned that Lindsay Lohan is dating a Russian real estate agent named Egor Tarabasov, but the couple has been moving at breakneck speed from day one.

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Egor moved in with Lindsay just a few weeks after they went public with their relationship.

Last month, rumors that Lohan and Tarabasov are engaged began to circulate online. 

Lindsay has yet to deny those repores, so it's a safe bet she really is planning on getting hitched.

We hate to sound cynical about this, but it's the best financial opportunity she's had in years, because for some astonishing reason, Egor is willing to wed Lindsay without a prenuptial agreement.

Usually when a celebrity marries a civilian with no prenup, it's the average Joe who stands to win the divorce lottery.

In Lindsay's case, Egor is the one who would wind up getting screwed if they go their separate ways.

You see, even though it was recently revealed that Tarabasov is not as rich as Lindsay thought when they started dating, he's still worth quite the sizable chunk of change.

His father is a business mogul who owns a chain of stores that have been described as "the Russian equivalent of Home Depot."

Since Lindsay hasn't been able to open a movie in over a decade, marrying a rich guy is pretty much the only way she can guarantee the lifestyle she's no doubt grown accustomed to.

It's a fact that Egor's family is very aware of:

“They’re threatening to cut Egor off financially if Lindsay doesn’t sign,” a source tells Life & Style.

“Egor’s parents just want to protect the family fortune and they don’t want him taken to the cleaners if the marriage doesn’t last.”

Sadly, Egor sees no need to protect his assets:

“He’s not pressuring Lindsay to sign one because he thinks they’re going to be together forever," says the insider.

In Soviet Russia, freckly has-been takes advantage of you!

Actually, that's the way it works in America, too.

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