Lamar Odom: I Can't Compete With Odell Beckham Jr.!

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Poor Lam.

Lamar Odom Watches the Lakers

After filing for divorce a second time from the former NBA star, Khloe Kardashian has allegedly moved on.  Again.

Over Memorial Day weekend, Kardashian was spotted flirting with the New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr at Drake's Hidden Hills, CA pool party.

A snitch sent TMZ photos of Kardashian standing very close to Beckham around midnight, noting that they "looked like a couple" and were "definitely into each other."

Odom soon got wind of the their canoodle session, and he is NOT pleased.

“Lamar ain’t one to be jealous but seeing Khloe with a young stud like Odell has made him mad heated,” a source told Hollywood Life.

“Lamar’s pissed after seeing Khloe in Odell’s clutches. Odell is one of those young cats that has mad swag and virtually can have his pick of any girl he wants."

"Lamar knows Odell’s the toast of the town and honestly knows he doesn’t stand a chance when it comes to competing with Odell for women – Khloe included."

"He’s jealous. He now knows Khloe means business."

"Seeing her with Odell has made him realize that she’s about to leave him for good and there’s nothing he can really do about it."

No offense to Odom, but Kardashian made up her mind to end their marriage back in December 2013, when she filed for divorce the first time.

Sources told TMZ last week:

"Khloe sat Lamar down recently and explained she wanted a family, and couldn't even start the process of looking until she was single again."

Odom suffered a near-fatal overdose at a Nevada brothel last October.

Though his recovery has been called "miraculous," he is still battling his demons, having been spotted out drinking with friends in recent months.

Kardashian believes he is, however, fit to look after himself on a daily basis, which is why she felt comfortable going ahead with the divorce proceedings.

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