Johnny Manziel Posts Cocaine Photo Online, Continues to Be a Moron

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Ah, Johnny Football.

Remember when former ESPN commentator Skip Bayless predicted that you'd be a bigger star in Cleveland than LeBron James?

Johnny Manziel Photo

Well, it was always a dumb claim to make, but Bayliss can at be least partially forgiven.

After all, that was before you were caught using cocaine in Vegas.

It was well before you were accused of abusing your girlfriend and threatening suicide during a drunken meltdown.

It was before your brawls with fans and your short-lived stints in rehab.

And, of course, it was before you got cut by the Clevelend Browns back in March.

Oh, and it was also before you Snapchatted this photo, which has prompted us to strip you of your iconic nickname and re-dub thee - Johnny Eightball!

Johnny Manziel Cocaine Pic

Yes, the hand holding the bags is clearly not Manziel's but it's still not the kind of message you want to send when you're trying to rebuild your career after a number of drinking- and drug-related scandals.

According to TMZ, Manziel is currently living in a party pad in Mexico with about 20 other people.

The woman whose hand is shown in the photo is a resident of the house, but Manziel claims they're not friends, and the drugs don't belong to him:

"They're absolutely not mine," says the 23-year-old free agent. "I don't even know that girl." 

Reps for the troubled QB says Manziel is enjoying one last hurrah before he cleans up his act next month.

The insiders say that beginning on July 1, Johnny is all about sobriety, healthy food, and training like crazy.

That's all well and good, but as long as the man doesn't realize that his reputation needs to be rehabilitated as badly as his body, no GM worth his salt will touch Johnny Eightball with a ten-foot coke straw.

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