Johnny Depp: Will Amber Heard Abuse Allegations End His Career?!

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It's not a great time to be Johnny Depp.

Johnny Depp: Drunk?

Even before his estranged wife, Amber Heard, shocked Hollywood by accusing Depp of abuse, the 52-year-old actor was at the lowest point of his three-decade career.

Following a string of box office flops, the once-beloved former heartthrob found himself the butt of merciless jokes about his appearance and declining popularity at the box office.

Obviously, Depp has received plenty of validation over the years, but even for one of the most recognized men in the world, being called "fat and greasy" by a major publication can't feel good. 

But for much of the movie-going public, any sympathy they may have once had for an aging A-lister on the decline went out the window once he found himself the subject of some truly appalling allegations (complete with photographic evidence), and yet continued to receive the support of numerous famous friends and countless fans.

Comedian Doug Stanhope publicly accused Heard of blackmailing Depp

Benicio Del Toro described Heard as "really twisted."

Obviously, we can't say for certain that Heard's not mounting an elaborate frame-up, but celebrities rushing to the defense of an accused woman beater is unheard-of in the modern era.

It's a testament to how beloved Depp is within certain Hollywood circles, but it's likely not helping his case.

The court of public opinion appears to still be divided, but Heard has filed assault charges against Depp, and she's stills seeking spousal support and a permanent restraining order, which means this matter will eventually end up in some kind of actual court.

Even if Depp is cleared of all charges, however, it seems unlikely that his career will ever recover.

For starters, he wasn't exactly on the top of the Hollywood heap when all this started.

In fact, there were murmurs that the formerly bankable (and still premium-priced) star had prematurely entered the "latter-day DeNiro" stage of his career well before he became embroiled in one of the ugliest Hollywood scandals in recent memory.

Add to that the fact that Depp's bread and butter in recent years has been has been family-friendly Disney fare, and it becomes clear that at the very least, he can't continue along the path he's been on since he first donned Captain Jack Sparrow's red bandana in 2003.

And then there's the way Depp and his team have handled the charges against him.

In addition to the impassioned pleas from his exes and celebrity pals, Depp's attorney, Laura Wasser, has launched a full-blown assault against, claiming the actress has falsified evidence and is now dodging requests for a deposition.

Obviously, the man has the right to defend himself, but a bunch of high-priced attorneys and wealthy middle-aged men going on the offensive against an allegedly battered 30-year-old woman is just not a good luck.

All of this is to say that while Depp will probably remain most legally unscathed by Heard's claims, the damage to his career may be irreparable.

It's unlikely that you'll ever see him behind bars, but you may soon see him in the DVD bargain bin alongside Nicolas Cage.

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