Johnny Depp: SILENT on Amber Heard Abuse Allegations!

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Shortly after the world learned that Amber Heard had accused Johnny Depp of assault, Depp's fans and famous friends came to his defense, casting doubts on her claims and accusing the actress of orchestrating an elaborate frame-up.

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp in Palm Springs

Heard responded by fighting fire with fire.

First she issued a statement clarifying that she was in no way attempting to "blackmail" Depp, as his friend, comedian Doug Stanhope, had claimed.

Then she filed assault charges against Depp in an effort to ensure that regardless of what the court of public opinion decided, the matter would eventually go before a real judge or jury.

But as we're so often reminded, the rich are different from you and me, and it looks like despite Heard's best efforts to make him testify under oath, Depp may never take the stand in his own defense.

Instead, he'll hide behind a legal team worthy of O.J.

While it remains unclear if his criminal case will go to trial Depp will show up to court Friday for a hearing to decide if Heard will be granted a permanent restraining order against him.

We doubt that he's planning on being within 500 feet of her any time in the near future, but the hearing could have an impact on future legal wrangling between the estranged husband and wife.

But sources say that in an effort to avoid being incriminating himself in a way that could lead to being prosecuted for criminal charges, Depp will plead the fifth.

In fact, not only will he refuse to testify, TMZ is reporting that Depp won't even submit a written declaration denying that he's guilty of domestic violence, as is customary in such cases.

Depp's legal team has learned from other celebs, such as Bill Cosby and Mel Gibson, who testified in non-criminal matters and found themselves being prosecuted as a result.

Heard's legal team is reportedly happy to accept his decision, as they believe the restraining order is now a sure thing, and Depp's silence will only hurt him as the legal process goes forward.

Whatever the case, you can be sure that this thing will only get uglier before it's resolved.

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