Jill & Jessa Duggar: Secretly Filming Season 2 of Counting On?!

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Ever since the season finale of Jill & Jessa: Counting On aired on TLC back in early May, fans have been wondering whether they'd seen the last of the Duggar clan's televised adventures.

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Despite relatively strong ratings, there was reason to believe that the show may have quietly come to an end.

Several advertisers pulled their support from the show over the course of the show's first gull season, with several blasting TLC and the Duggars in public statements.

When weeks went by without the network making any mention of a renewal, it began to look as though Counting On had been canceled

Now, however, it seems that the powers that be at TLC have simply decided to wait until the dust settles before announcing that Jill, Jessa and the rest of their siblings (excluding Josh) will be back for another round of awkwardly scripted "reality" television.

The folks over at The Inquisitr have compiled a list of reasons to believe the show has already been renewed for a second season.

They point out that after several weeks of inactivity, TLC is once again updating the Counting On Facebook page.

The network even reposted a video tribute that the Duggars made for Jill's birthday on the TLC website.

In addition, the family recently announced that 18-year-old Joy-Anna Duggar would be permitted to work with her brothers on the family's used car lot this year.

(Duggar women are only allowed to work if they're under the direct supervision of a male relative.)

Since the storyline about Jinger Duggar flipping cars resulted in one of last season's most popular episodes, many fans are taking that as an indication that a camera crew will be present as Joy-Anna learns the family trade.

But the most compelling evidence mught be found in the Duggar family's most recent mini-scandal.

As you may know, Jill Duggar was recently criticized for asking fans to help her find her mother-in-law's birth mom on social media.

Cathy Dillard actually tracked down her biological mother several years ago, leading many to believe that Jill was simply setting the stage for a Counting On storyline, which may even include a crossover with Long Lost Family, another popular TLC series.

It's tough to keep anything a secret when you're as exposed as the Duggars, and it sounds like 18 of the 19 siblings will be returning to TLC next year.

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